A long time ago, I was working for a webagency. They weren’t knowing what was the job of a developer and had no idea of what to make with. This was pretty frustrating for me because all I was saying was just considered as shit. For them my job was “just” to make websites for customers.

  • No need to ask customers about their project,
  • Nothing to do with their feelings,
  • “Just” make a website, add customer’s logo and go !

This was definitely not my vision of this work, so I leave to become freelance. Freelance is pretty cool, you work when you want, you sleep when you can, you meet other freelances, and you keep learning, always. But as a developer I am not a webdesigner, nor even a writter. Definetely something was missing.

This thing was collaboration with other freelances, each specialized in its field. So with Cyril (Furious Writter), Michel (SEO master) and Cédric (Crazy WebDesigner) we decided to create the s[3]ction9, a place where each of us can do the best of his job and keep focused on.

With this, we where able to put the customers in the center of their project, for a lower price to those webagencies.

Website is in french, but we speak english too ;)